We’re excited to share with you our fresh, new take on this year’s Chef’s Challenge. From moving to a new venue at the Clay Center to offering a new, tapas style way of dining to hearing a fresh, new spin on musical entertainment from our friends at Vinyl Village, we’ve carefully reimagined our beloved annual fundraiser, and we’re excited to share it with you.


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Chef Al Day – Bricks and Barrels

Chef Oscar Aguilar – Café Cimino Country Inn

Chef John Wright – Bride Road Bistro

Chef Evan Wilson – Ichiban

Chef Jeremiah Bowen – Black Sheep

Chef James Oiler – Mardi Gras Ex. Chef

Chef Cheri Godfrey – Mardi Gras Pastry

Chef Chef Sarah Plumley – Sarah’s Bakery

Chef Paul Smith – Buzz Foods

Chef Gary Needham – Personal Chef

Chef Mary Brent Galyean – Personal Chef

Chef Heath Ax – Berry Hill Country Club

Chef Frank Gonzales – Mi Cocina de Amor

Chef Dennis Harris – Edgewood County Club

Venu Menon – Mea Cuppa

Chef Adeyemi Allen – Embassy Suites